23 April 2012


Hi...Pam here!

I've been doing a bit of studying.  Did you know that cats can vocalize in a lot of different ways?  They purr, chirp, hiss, growl, and meow.  Even within those categories, the sounds can vary. 

We recorded Mr Tucker once.  Travis couldn't find the video on his laptop.  We thought it was gone.  But then we searched Trav's Thoughts and found it!  Here's the link if it doesn't play below.

Mr Tucker wasn't a big talker.  He got his point across though.  I wish we had recorded some of Travis and Mr Tucker's discussions.  It was hilarious to listen to them chat.  Mr Tucker had a sound he made...almost like ppppfffffttttt.  It was usually the end of the discussion.

After all, when a cat says pppffffffttttttt and walks away, there's nothing much you can say to that!


  1. Gracie liked Mr/ Tucker's voice very much! At least I think she did. It had her attention... briefly. Then she said "pppffffttt" and sashayed away. hahahaha!

  2. Awwwww.. I'm glad y'all found that. What a sweet thing to remember him with.

  3. Mr. Tucker was a beautiful cat with many talents.
    He was working on his peace globe, right? I knew it!


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