25 July 2012


Hi, Pam here!

Vacations are wonderful, but going back to work can sure be tiring.  I had piles of proposals and contracts to review on Monday, and that spilled into Tuesday.  Travis had an IT issue with a key system that caused a system to run abnormally slow. 

Don't even ask how many emails I still have to go through.

We loved seeing Mr Newby again.  He's such a mild kitty cat, but boy has he gotten vocal.  We were up every morning at 5am because he was ready to eat and spend some time outdoors.

Miss Kailey was sweet, but very nervous.  She did eventually warm up to us.  She enjoys belly rubs, and she'll wrap her front paws around your arm and bunny kick.  We watched the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  Take a look at that little girl there and tell me...doesn't she look like the Night Fury

Of course we also enjoyed our visit with family.  We spent 10 days with Travis' folks.  In the middle we went to California and saw Travis' aunt and uncle and cousins in Oceanside.  Then we drove up the coast to visit with his sister.  That was when Travis earned his Uncle of the Decade award by buying his niece an iPhone.

We relaxed so much that we completely forgot to take any pictures.  I know!  I couldn't believe it either.  We took the camera and left it in the bag for the entire two weeks.

Oh well.

Now the talking really begins...about whether we're ready for cats of our own.  We'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh, my goodness! I've been guilty of forgetting to take photos many times! That's a sure sign of a having a great time when a photo-enthusiast forgets to photograph!

  2. :-)
    Me thinks I think I know the answer.
    Now it's down to finding the right furchild.

  3. What a relaxing time you had. I don't know about your furkiddies....maybe if you're still questioning it, the time is not right. Just my 2 cents worth from the left-brain.


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