04 October 2012

30 Days to Blog Blast

Hi!  Pam here!

I've been on the periphery of Blog Blast since I met Travis because I haven't had a blog.  But as we get closer to the date, 4 November 2012, I see Mimi and Travis and so many other bloggers start to put up notices and think about their Peace Globes.  Every year I see the work that goes into Blog Blast and it inspires me.

I read the posts with Travis.  I marvel at the creativity and I'm so moved by the words.

Travis has made my Peace Globes in the past.  This year, I want to participate myself with my own Peace Globe that I design and make, and my own words that I think about and write.

As Mimi says, I have a voice.  I'm going to use it right here in this space on 4 November.  If you've never participated, consider it.

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