29 October 2012


Hi, Pam here.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our friends on the east coast as Sandy comes barreling onshore later today.  Travis and I have been watching The Weather Channel this morning.  The winds and storm surge are pretty intense already.

It got me thinking.  We've never had to worry about evacuating here, but Travis did have to prepare when he lived in southern California during a massive wild fire.  He had Mr Tucker with him.  Luckily he never had to evacuate.

Are you prepared for a disaster?  Do you have emergency supplies for 3-5 days?  Do you know your evacuation route?  Do you know where the nearest shelters are located?

Have you thought of the same things for your pets?  The ASPCA has a great disaster preparedness check list.  Here is a summary of things to remember so that you and your pets have the best chance to make it through a disaster.
  • Get a rescue alert sticker
  • Arrange a safe haven
  • Emergency supplies and travel kits
  • Choose designated care givers
  • Evacuation preparation
  • Geographic and climatic considerations
The website goes into detail about each of those points.  It also provides special consideration sections for birds, reptiles, and small animals such as hamsters or mice.

You want your family to be safe during and after a disaster.  Your pets are part of your family.  Prepare to keep them safe too.


  1. Great post idea, Pam. We focus so much on our human needs that we forget our fur children.

    So have y'all decided on a kitty yet????

  2. My kids go with me. I couldn't leave them. I did it just once, during Hurricane Elena 1985. I had one shepherd who'd had 10 4-week old puppies and my then-husband was adamant about boarding her and her pups in the kitchen rather than bring them with us and my other shepherd. We were prevented from returning home for 3 full days after the storm passed and I was insane with worry. Never ever again!


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