11 April 2012


Hi...Pam here!

So this blogging thing is harder than I thought.  Travis just put the finishing touches on his dancing recap over at Trav's Thoughts.  I realized we hadn't said anything over here since last week.

Part of the reason for having this blog is to talk about our adventure as we get ready to bring kitties back into our home.  The rest of the reason is to remember Mr Tucker.

He was such a sweet boy.  I remember when I first met him at the apartment in Renton.  Travis had told me that Mr Tucker was nervous around strangers.  I figured it would take some time for him to get used to me.  Not so.  He was in my lap about five minutes after I sat down.

He was a big flirt, too.  He would sit up on the arm of the sofa, or on the back next to Travis, and then peer at me and make that high pitched sound he had.  It sounded just like Travis spells it...MROW ROW MOW.

I do miss that sound.


  1. Every cat has his or her own unique voice. I can tell each and every one of mine apart quite easily. As I could when I had dogs.

    I lost my Whitey just last month and I was missing his purr and his meeze something awful, when I remembered I had him on video. It was bittersweet watching the videos but I am so glad I have them.

  2. This post warms my heart. Goes to show you that you all and Mr. Tucker were meant to be together. Consider it an honor that he chose to you to break his shyness...

  3. Pam, this is so very sweet. Mr. Tucker will always remain in your heart. He was so special. He knew how much you loved him.

  4. He was a special cat. Very special.


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