06 April 2012


Hey gang...Travis here.

Thanks for the great feedback to Pam's post about multiple cats.  We really appreciate your thoughts and stories.

When I first moved to Washington State, Mr Tucker and I spent about 8 months with the folks down in Toutle, which is outside of Castle Rock, which is about 36 miles as the crow flies from Mt St Helens.  Those of you who have visited Trav's Thoughts probably know about the country gentlemen, Mr Newby and Mr Bailey. 

They were about 6 months old, I guess, when Mr Tucker and I invaded their space.  Being the dominant male of the pair, Mr Bailey struggled a bit with a mature older male.  And Mr Tucker was way bigger...by about 8lbs.  On the one hand, it was Mr Bailey's house, so he tried to be The Cat.  But on the other hand, he was a juvenile and sometimes showed his belly.

Mr Tucker didn't really care about who was The Cat.  He was in a new place and trying to figure out how he fit in with two rambunctious gentlemen.  He was a sweet, non aggressive spook who just wanted to live and let live.  He didn't really understand why sometimes Mr Bailey hissed and spat at him, or ignored him, or lowered his head and tried to be small.  The three essentially got along, but I knew that Mr Tucker would be happier as an only.  And he was.  When we finally got our own place, he was much more content.

He tolerated visits by the country gentlemen.  He was The Cat in his own home.

I would hesitate to start with two and try to add a third later.  I think that's upsetting to everyone, cats and people.  But I suspect that if three litter mates decide they are coming home with us, all together at the same time, then we'll do our best to make a home in which we can all co-exist in peace and respect.

We just might need to get a bigger sofa.


  1. Oh, yeah. You're gonna need a bigger everything! LOL!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how many cats you bring home. Love kittens.

    Happy Easter.

  3. What Barb said!

    Now let's see if you come home with four ... !

  4. :-)
    Whatever you decide will be right. Hugs.

  5. I do see how your logical brain has analyzed all the possible scenarios in this post. I would expect no less from you than a well-thought-out plan.

    But as soon as you go to the shelter and see their cute little faces it will be all over. Have you picked out names yet? LOL


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