03 April 2012


Hi!  Pam here,

Last March when we lost Mr Tucker, our neighbor told us about MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland.  This is the no kill shelter where she adopted her youngest of three, Miss JoJo.  We donated some of Mr Tucker's things to the shelter, and also made a cash contribution in his name.

I think this is probably the place we'll go when I convince Travis that we're ready to adopt.  We've discussed it and we're sure we want litter mates, and at least two.

Well, I should say Travis has agreed to two for the moment.  I threw in that "at least" part.  I've never really had pets, and I loved Mr Tucker so much.  It seems to me that two isn't much more to handle than one.  And if two is good, why not three?

His, mine, and ours...right?  Do you think he'll go for it?


  1. Speaking as someone who has had 2, 3 and then 4...

    2 was absolutely perfect. Buddies. Best friends. Play mates. Love.

    3 was incredibly challenging and difficult Suddenly I had a behavioral problem with my first cat, Gandalf which I am still trying to overcome 3 years later.

    4? Uncle.

  2. My stepdaughter has two -- Franzie and Gidget.

  3. Sounds like he'll go for 2.

    We had 2 when I was growing up. Sometimes they got along.. They were not brothers though. They co-existed by ignoring each other almost completely and seemed happy with the arrangement.

    A friend of mine has 2 cats who play together - they were from the same litter.

    Saying this - all cats are unique and entertaining, and intelligent... I like cats.

    Have fun seeing all the cats and try not to take them ALL home.

  4. Pam, we use to have four cats. The two older cats became friends with the two younger cats. Then our older cat went to heaven, and then the next oldest cat went. The two younger cats were not friends at that time. Eventually they did make friends with one another. Last year we rescued a Siamese kitten. They tolerate her. I think she is too much for them to handle. I think our dog and the Siamese cat get along pretty good. I can't tell you how many critters we have rescued. We have loved each and every one of them.

    I hope Travis will let you have as many as you want. I imagine if three were all litter mates it would be fine. But then you have to have more litter boxes. I am excited to see what you will get. That is a great idea about the no kill shelter. We have always just had animals come to us.

  5. I think that if you were to get all three at once and they were all used to each other then it might not be too bad but I've got to think that having three cats is very akin to having three kids with one always feeling like the middle child!

    Truthfully, though, I don't think that you pick the cat - I think the cat picks you so you'll know when the right one(s) have found you!

  6. He just might go for it! My money is on you....


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