01 April 2012

Stand by

Pam wanted us to have a place to tell you about our thoughts as we consider adopting some new friends to share our lives.  This is that place.

Stand by as we get organized.


  1. I'm so excited that you are considering this again...

  2. YAY! Yay for you and YAY for those lucky kitties who will soon find a Forever Home in the hearts of people who will love them so good!

    I've already got you in my reader!

    Did I already say YAY?

  3. Travis and Pam, I look forward to reading about your journey. While we never forget those that have past, we move forward to those waiting for us. Cats in the house that love built. I love it.

  4. One can never replace, but can find new. I'm glad you are embarking on a new journey.

  5. I've got the distinct feeling that Mr. Tucker will be helping to guide this search and assisting you in finding just the right folks to share your love and home with!


Always interested in your thoughts or ideas.