14 June 2012


Hi gang.  Travis here.

I have a link to Cat Bloggosphere that brings me the latest posts in my reader.  Yesterday there was a post titled "Run Free, Grayson", about the passing of a beautiful gray long-haired boy.


Barb at DailyGs has a beautiful gray long-haired boy called Grayson.

Oh noes!  Edit:  I hate it when I meant to write something and think I did write it, but then it turns out I didn't.  I meant to tell you that Barb's wonderful Whitey had to go to the Bridge this past March, and it would be doubly devastating for Barb if now Grayson left too.  Evidently I only typed that in my head.

I clicked on the link and heaved a great big relieved sigh.  It wasn't Barb's gray boy who ran off to the Bridge.  A different family lost their kitty.

It's odd how relieved I was.  For just that moment, I was so sad for my blog pal, a person I've never met or spoken to, a person I only know through her daily writings and photographs.  When I lost Mr Tucker in March 2011, Barb wrote to me in comments, "Saying farewell to our little furbabies is the hardest part of loving them. Big hugs, Trav."

So many of my blog pals sent similar heartfelt messages.

I was relieved for Barb, and pleased that her Grayson was still bright and healthy.

But then I paused.  I thought about that other family.  They mourn for their sweet Grayson today.  They'll miss him like I still miss Mr Tucker.  They'll miss their Grayson like Barb would have missed her gray boy.

Our little furry friends leave us before we're ready to part with them.  As painful as it is when they run off to the Bridge, it really is worth it for all the days of fun and frolics that they bring while they stay with us.

Head butts to Barb's Mr Grayson, and to her Mr Gandalf, and to little Miss Gracie too.

Run strong and free Grayson, the other gray boy, who has gone to the Bridge.


  1. I know how you feel, Trav. I lost my Whitey in March and I still ache to see him again and to hear him singing his mousie songs.

    I feel bad for the other Grayson's family, too.

    hugs from me and the Gs.

  2. thoughts are with Grayson's family. It's so hard to lose the furry friends.

  3. I know you both still miss Mr. Tucker. And it's just like you to mention the loss of a stranger's kitty in a kind way. I'm also glad, though, that it wasn't Grayson. He's a peace blogger ya know.

    I like the way you write "they run off to the bridge"...it sounds like they ran away on a new adventure with a wave goodbye and a bounce in their step. That bridge holds magic.

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  5. Relief and sadness both intermingled in this post as it oftentimes is in real life.

    Knowing how much Barb adores and loves her Gray Boyz it's a major relief that it wasn't her Grayson as I know how very devastated she would be, especially so soon upon the lose of Whitey who will always be missed, but one still can't help but feel badly for the family of the other Grayson as no doubt they are feeling that big hole left in their lives by the furry family member.

    I guess that it's the risk that we all take when we open up our hearts to love no matter what kind it is.


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