01 June 2012


...kitty haz dem.


  1. Was Sir speaking to me? Because I'm afraid I couldn't quite hear Sir over the sweeping up bits of Sir's litter that was tracked out of Sir's box which I've just scooped, right after I prepared Sir's evening meal and fluffing Sir's bed, of course. Was there something else Sir required before I kicked off my shoes after working a full day and stopping by the store for some Sir's favorite treats? Oh, Sir would like some nip in his favorite condo and some ear scritches! Yes, sir. I'll get right on that, Sir! Would Sir like me to come to him or will Sir be coming to me, down here on the floor where I seem to have collapsed from exhaustion? Sir?

  2. That little guy sure does get the attention with his big cry. He got everyone to be quite. Too cute.

  3. Now that is adorable. And loud. Kitty could work as a security guard. I wouldn't cross that line...


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